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Based on the valuable feedback received from key community groups, the City of Clermont built a bigger boat ramp at a new location. The ribbon cutting took place on January 10, 2020. You can view the video of the event here. Our City Council unanimously approved a Traverse Group project bid for $2.49million at their May 28, 2019, public meeting. The Lake County Commission approved the request for partial funding of $750,000 by the city at its May 21st board meeting. This was a major win. Behind-the scenes work was extensive on the boat ramp. This included surveys of boundary, topographic and tree locations, borings, geotechnical aspects, underground utility locations, and an environmental survey.

The old boat ramp was located between Victory Pointe & the Clermont Boat House. Motorized watercrafts will now be able to launch from the Clermont Boat House or Victory Pointe, instead of the numerous non-motorized watercrafts. The ramp has 10 mooring slips, doubled the number of launch pads to 4, increased parking space from 77 to 101 spots, and added new toilets. The South Lake Trail was also rerouted around this boat ramp as part of the safety plan.

Visitors pay $5 per person and can pay by credit card or debit card at kiosks on either side.

Residents of the City of Clermont can purchase an annual pass at $35 plus tax (totaling 33.75) from the Utility Billing Office, located on the first level of City Hall, 685 W. Montrose St. Open during normal business hours, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday to Friday

The Utility Billing office now offers an annual pass for Lake County residents who live outside the city limits. The annual pass costs $70 and is valid from Jan. 1, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2022. Through the end of 2021, there is no prorated amount.

The boat ramp has a doubled launch pad count, increased parking capacity from 77 to 101 spots, 10 mooring slips are available for peak traffic, and new toilets. The South Lake Trail was rerouted to the boat ramp as part of the City of Clermont’s Downtown-Waterfront Masterplan.

FAQs about Commercial Watercraft Rental

Q: Can businesses rent watercraft, including boats and jet skis on City Property?

A: Yes. But they must possess an active permit issued by the city. The permit must be displayed on the vehicle(s) being operated and the name of the company on all watercrafts. Staff must have proof of the permit to show them onsite. A company operating rental properties without an active permit will be asked to vacate immediately. If multiple violations are found, they may be subject to being trespassed.

Q: What can we do?

A: The boat ramp is the only place that rentals are allowed. Commercial watercrafts should be kept on the trailer until the renter shows up at the appropriate time. Only then can the vessel be launched into water. You cannot leave watercrafts on the boat ramp finger docks for more than 30 minutes. They also can’t be left anywhere while you wait for renters. Only safety checks and check-in forms can be done onsite by the business. The boat ramp must be used for watercraft collection.

Q: How do I obtain a permit?

A: You must pick up and submit an application packet to the Clermont City Center in order to receive a permit. All required paperwork must be present in order to submit the application packet. The fee for the permit is $500 and covers the calendar year. This permit is valid for one year. Parking fees are not included. You must provide proof of insurance and a tax receipt for approval to get the permit. The application packet contains detailed information about these items.

Q: How can I obtain a tax receipt for my business?

A: These are issued by Clermont City Hall’s building services. They are available Monday through Friday from 8-5 p.m. to issue tax receipts for business. The annual Buisness tax receipt is $40.

Q: Is it possible to set up a check in location, such as a bench or tent?

A: No businesses/rental companies can use any City of Clermont tables or benches, open areas, beach area, or open space to conduct business. It is against the law to erect personal tents for business purposes.

Q: Can businesses accept walk-up inquires from people who want to rent watercraft?

A: No. All rentals must be done off-site prior to the date of the rental, and all money collected cannot be used on City property. City property is not allowed to be used by businesses for sales promotion or solicitation. City property is not allowed to house any type of advertising, signage, or promotional items. This is strictly forbidden.

Q: Do I require insurance?

A: Yes. The business must have a $1,000,000 general liability policy.

Q: What happens to a permit business that violates rental procedures?

A: When approached by City of Clermont employees, businesses must provide the following information: permit number, business card/phone number, company name, main contact number and email address. The City staff will give a warning to the business if it is the first violation. They will also explain the rules and ask the business to comply. Failure to provide required information will result in the business being required to immediately cease operations and vacate the premises for the day. Permits will be revoked indefinitely if the violation continues.

Driving directions from Clermont Boat Ramp to National Training Center.

Driving directions from Clermont Boat Ramp to Family Florida Realty.