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Clermont is home to one of the most amazing chain of lakes in Florida. It offers an array of activities for every outdoor lifestyle. More importantly, the shoreline boasts some of the most spectacular homes in Central Florida! If you’re passionate about life on the water you are sure to find a stunning residence that meets the needs of the most discerning taste on the banks of the Clermont Chain of Lakes…

The Clermont chain is a group of lakes that are centered around Clermont, Florida. It is oriented from southeast to north and fed mainly by groundwater flow and streams. The lakes are located in the middle of the Palatlakaha River Watershed, which is the source of the Ocklawaha River’s headwaters.  The waters are know by locals for their reddish tea-colored water.  The chain’s beautiful Cypress Trees surrounding the shoreline contribute to more than just the aesthetic, they produce the tannins that give the chain it’s unique color.

Main lakes

The main portion of the chain is made up of three large lakes: Louisa, Minnehaha and Minneola.

Lake Louisa

Louisa, the largest lake in the country, is 10 feet deep and has a flat bottom. It has Lake Louisa State Park at its southern shore. The remainder of the lakeshore has been developed with suburb subdivisions. The primary inflows to the lake flow through the park. Little Creek flows from the Lake/Polk County boundary, while Big Creek begins from the Green Swamp area adjacent to Lake Wales Ridge. The Crooked River flows north from Lake Louisa into Lake Susan. This small lake is similar in depth to Lake Louisa and is surrounded by swampland. The Crooked River has a public boat ramp.


Lake Susan is connected to Lake Minnehaha by a short river. This lake is the second-largest. Minnehaha is averaged at 14 feet deep with some areas exceeding 18 feet.  Lake Minnehaha has more development than Louisa, with suburban housing all along its shoreline. Cypress Cove is a bay that is unsuitable for development on its northwest shoreline.

A neck runs from Lake Minnehaha to Lake Palatlakaha, which is still undeveloped with the exception of an active adult community at its eastern shore. A canal links Lake Palatlakaha and Lake Hiawatha. This area is also mostly undeveloped, with the exception of the Clermont community at Hiawatha Shores as well as the former Jahna West Clermont Sand Mine that has been converted to a community on its south shore.


Lake Hiawatha is separated from Lake Minneola by a neck. It is the third-largest lake in the chain at 18 feet deep. Parts close to downtown Clermont are closer to 30 feet. Lake Minneola, which has Minneola and downtown Clermont on its eastern and south shores, is the most developed lake. Crystal Cove is on the northwest shore and the Palatlakaha River runs out of it. Waterfront Park has a public boat ramp, and a swimming area.

Smaller Lakes

There are many smaller lakes that are connected to the main chain of lakes.

Dixie Lake, the largest lake in Lake Louisa State Park, flows into Big Creek when it is at its highest level. On its south shore, there are several rental cabins.

Crescent Lake, a suburb of South Clermont, is connected to Lake Minnehaha via Lake Hattie or Lake Williamee by a canal that connects the four. Crescent Cove is a private island that separates Crescent Cove from Crescent Lake at its southern end. Hattie lake has three private boat ramps for community members. Williamee is mainly shallow and mostly plant-covered.

Lake Winona is located in Clermont on a peninsula that separates Minneola and Minnehaha. It is connected to Minnehaha via a canal.

Northern Chain

The Palatlakaha River runs north of the main chain. It is lined by 8 lakes, the entire area of which is in Groveland.

Hunt and Cook lakes remain undeveloped and are surrounded by swampland. Cherry Lake, the fourth largest lake, has rural development along its north shore. It is approximately 18 feet deep with an average depth of 10 feet. Hunt Lake and Stewart Lake look like Cherry Lake, with rural development to their north and swampland to their south. Between Hunt and Cherry Lakes is a water control dam.

The area around Emma and Lucy is dotted with sandy hills and rural development. Emma measures 14 feet deep while Lucy measures 10 feet. Heart Lake is separated by the Palatlakaha river via a dike that has a water level control dam. The Palatlakaha River flows into Lake Harris after Heart Lake.