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Let’s stop wasting time and get to the point. Flatwoods Equestrian Center can be found in Clermont, southern Lake County. You can view cattle up close and some Florida wildlife on our 300+ acres of grassland. A huge fenced-in arena is available with barrels, jumps, pole bending, and many other activities. We offer private lessons, group lessons and leasing. We strive to make sure that everyone has a great time with our smaller barn.

There are many horses to choose from, with different levels of riding. We will match you with the right horse based on your experience. Our horses are familiar with English and Western disciplines such as dressage, jumping, pole bending, barrel racing, and dressage. Here are some photos of our most popular horses!

Flatwoods Equestrian Center’s owner and trainer is Emily Boykin. Emily Boykin has been involved with horses all her life. She started competing at the age of six. Emily began teaching others how to ride in 2013, and she opened her own barn in 2018. Although she is still a young trainer, her knowledge is vast and she takes safety very seriously. She is a delight to have as a instructor because of her kindness and concern for equitation. Lessons with her are educational and fun.

Private or group lessons are available. These lessons include, but not limited to, learning how to care for and catch your horse. You will then learn to tack, and ride. Group lessons last approximately an hour, while private lessons take around one hour. All lessons cost $50 per person.

For $75 per person, we offer trail rides that last an hour. We also have other options for advanced riders.

Are you looking for a pony ride with your children? Reach out to them and they will arrange a time. Pony rides are only $10 and are great for younger riders who might not be ready to take lessons.

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