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Their story began in 2010, when Clermont rowers met people who wanted to make an impact in the community. These passionate rowers were working weekly from the backyard of a friend-of a-friend, making it possible to do their work. They shared their love for the sport despite the lack of facilities and limited equipment.

The Leadership Lake County Class 2010 chose “economic development” as their class project. The Leadership Lake County Class realized the importance of lakes for our community and environment. A few alumni influenced them to create the Lake County Rowing Association to promote rowing in Lake County and encourage people to visit our beautiful lakes.

The club’s membership has increased from just 30 to nearly 120 since the founding of Lake County Rowing Association in 2011. The Clermont Boathouse was built by the City of Clermont, Florida in 2015. This is a demonstration of their commitment to rowing on our waterways.

They have hosted many “friendly” regattas as well as the annual Leader of the Lake and served as the temporary home for multiple National Rowing Teams. The Clermont Carboard Classic was established in 2018. It is a great fundraiser for our club. Lake County Rowing supports every event, big or small, with new docks being built in 2019 as well as a $30 million renovation to Victory Pointe downtown Clermont.

Their passion is watching people, young and old, fall in love with the water. They hope that you will join them in  on the water and share their passion.

All students in grades 3-5 are eligible to participate in Lake County Rowing’s Elementary School Program. The program teaches rowers the basics of the sport in an enjoyable environment that includes both on-water as well as off-water activities. LCRA Elementary’s goal is to instill a love for rowing and provide opportunities to learn in an environment that is safe and respectful.

All students in grades 6-8 are eligible to join the LCRA middle school rowing club. LCRA’s youth program aims to instill a love for rowing and provide opportunities to compete in safe and respectful ways.

All students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the LCRA high school rowing club. LCRA’s youth program aims to encourage rowing and provide opportunities for competition in a safe, respectful way.

Adult rowing is also known as Masters rowing and is open to all ages and athletic backgrounds. There are many opportunities available to match any skill or compete interest. They welcome anyone who has never been to an athletic event. For adults who have experience or come from an athletic background, there are many ways to integrate rowing into your daily life. All of the programs are held at Lake Minneola.

It is part of Florida’s famous Clermont Chain. This lake houses some of the most impressive and spacious boathouses. Rowing is a great way to go on a lifetime athletic journey. LCRA’s master rowers are an interesting and diverse group. Ex-collegiate, club and experienced rowers from other countries are welcome to join us in competitive rowing. This is the ideal place for you to learn to row with other experienced rowers in the Clermont/ Lake County/West Orange County region.

Diving directions from Lake County Rowing Association to Clermont Boat Ramp.

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