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The 18-hole disc golf course at Lake Hiawatha Preserve resembles a large park more than a preserve. There is plenty of parking, enough to hold a tournament. There is also a dog park nearby and a fitness track. The parking lot has a bathroom. While parking, there is a large disc golf sign. Nearby is a kiosk that has a map and a basket for practice. The park is well maintained and mowed. A shelter has benches and tables that you can use to rest after your 9/18 holes. This course has two tee pads per hole and two baskets. Greg Hosfeld, the designer of Florida Parks branches must have a lot of MOJO. This is the best way to learn disc golf. It can introduce newbies to disc golf or reintroduce old players to courses with 4 different distances and difficulty levels. They are among the largest in Central Florida and flush with the ground. The tee pads are longer and can be used for longer drives. For the shorter Discatcher baskets, the yellow banding is used. Nearly all baskets, if they are not trees, have next tee signs. The new signage will be placed on the white posts for shorts and longs, while the white posts are for longs.

It is beautiful and quite a sight to see. The preserve also has large trees that provide shade for most of the course. The course is flat, making it easy for tired travelers to walk. The course is very well-designed and the distance is amazing. 9 holes measure 573′ +, the longest 926′ (#3). The back nine of the course offers some distance relief. Disc Risk : minimal . Because the preserve is so well maintained, there are only a few overgrowth patches. As long as you don’t take chances by throwing right to left on 13-15, you will be fine. #1 is a great warmup hole, only 174′ to 255′. The longs are more of a tunnel shot.

There are many notable holes all around the course. #2 is a par 4 measuring 675 feet. To play it safely, you can either swing wide to your right or use a controlled tunnel shot. #3 is 926′ (par 5 ), from the longs, left to right, and under a canopy. to a basket at the end of a row. The only elevation on the course is #5 (648′) and par 4. Start by throwing slightly uphill, avoiding trees and brush. Next, you will throw downhill to the basket with a large tree and big branches protecting it. It is very picturesque. #7 is a greeting hole, 573′ long and wrapping right to left. Then it becomes a bending shot right-to-left into the green with tight basket placement. 13-15 are a series of risk/reward shots, about 300′ from longs, with tree lines in front. You can make the hole longer by swinging wide left to right to avoid tree lines, or you could throw across the water to the right. The biggest problem is a ricochet from one of the 2 trees, or their branches, and you will lose your best midrange. Signature hole – #16.860′ away from the longs, drifting slightly right, and water on the right. There are trees on the fairway that leads to the green, and water on the right- and left sides of the green.

It is a must to print the map and trust it. You can walk 600 feet along the dog park, #9-10, between holes 1 and 2. This will bring you back to the parking area, but you’ll need to take a hard right at the 9 basket to walk the few hundred yards to get to the back 9. It is likely to keep the course alone and not risk hitting cars or people laying a blanket nearby the parking lot.

A fitness trail runs along the course, and occasionally a park walker may cross your fairway. Allow them to have some space and take a few minutes. Enjoy the course. A few fairways are a bit close together. Because the holes are very long, people will throw everything they have. If you’re not careful, this could lead to getting thrown. This can happen in just 3-4 places.

Bug spray is a must, as it can be very unpleasant around waterholes. You should be prepared to walk at least 2+ miles. Water is a must.

It will not only get you walking in, but it will also be refreshing. This course is visually appealing and challenging for everyone. It took a lot of time and effort. It is one of the most beautiful courses in  Central Florida if not the whole state.

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